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  1. Hi Larry and Kay, I have enjoyed reading your articles. Very insightful, anointed and well written. Thank you for blessing us with the revelation God has given you. Blessings… -Pastor Eric Lehmann (Freedom International Church, Wesley Chapel, Florida)

  2. I think that this website is very helpful! I have really needed some Spiritual encouragement. My wife divorced me last month, and
    I have been really needing some help in my life. Thank you. These
    Statements have helped me.

    1. Pastor, thank you for visiting our website. Each week we try to write what we believe God has instructed us to write, knowing it is intended to encourage someone who will read it. May you find strength from the Lord in the days ahead.

  3. It is a great pleasure to read this wonderful and interesting story by Kay. I have really enjoyed it, and also I count it a blessing to be connected to you. My name is Pastor Fidelis Kutah. God bless you and keep you.

    1. God bless you, Pastor Kutah. Thank you for your kind remarks. It is our prayer that our website gives glory to God and blesses those who read it. May the Lord bless your ministry.

  4. Kay and Larry: Thank you for sharing the revelations you have been getting from God. I look forward to reading them every week. Love you guys.

    1. Janet, thanks for your encouraging words. We are excited that you visit the website each week, and hope you are blessed by His word. Have a Happy Birthday.

    1. Pastor, so glad you liked them. We get a copy in email format, so I can send it on to you. Thanks for your encouragement. Larry.

  5. Hi Kay and Larry, I just read your article on “What do you see.” Wow! Quite insightful and reflective of how most of us are living our lives today, blinded.. The revelations you are getting, is a testament of time spent with God in His presence..

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